Why Do You Replace Windshield?

Windshield Basics

 Windshield provides visibility while shielding the driver and the passengers from the elements and road hazards, like bugs, debris, and dust.

Windshields are made from laminated glass.
In the lamination process two pieces of glass sandwich a thin layer of vinyl between them and are fused together by applying heat and pressure.

Because of this glass-vinyl-glass combination when something hits the windshield, it does not explode into hundreds of glass shards but instead it holds all those glass pieces “glued” together to the vinyl layer. It shatters but the passengers are not injured by the flying glass.

Sometimes the windshield damage is only a small spider-web like chip. Many a driver choose to ignore it but is it wise to do?

Do you still need to replace windshield in your vehicle? So do we have to worry about crack in windshields?

It turns out, yes, we do because windshield with a crack has its structural integrity compromised and this affects the structural integrity of the whole vehicle.

This is reason #1 to replace windshield when it’s damaged.


Structural integrity of the whole vehicle


We were too when we found out that windshields provide 45% of the car’s integrity during front-end collision and about 60% – during a rollover.
So, windshields take about half of the force during a crash without letting the cabin to fall apart. They also support the roof from collapsing on passengers’ heads if the car rolls over.
A crack in the windshield reduces that strength and the support.
Is it dangerous? You bet it is.

Do you still need to replace windshield with a crack? We would and we strongly suggest you should too.

Windshields have another life-saving mission.

What is it?



All modern vehicles are equipped with air bags that deploy during an accident to keep the driver and the passengers safe.
If the windshield is cracked and its structural integrity is weak, it might not be able to hold the pressure that’s created by the inflated airbag.
The airbag is designed to hit the windshield first and then, after bouncing off of it, inflate toward the passengers.
If a compromised, cracked, weakened windshield  can not withstand that first hit of the airbag, the trajectory of the opening will be different. The passengers might suffer serious injuries because of that.
Insurance companies know the risks and they  encourage drivers to replace windshield when it’s compromised.

What else do Insurance companies pay attention to when it comes to windshields replacement?


ADAS Calibration

ADAS? What is it?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver-Assistance System.

Advanced driver-assistance systems are electronic systems that automatically help drivers with various driving and parking tasks. ADAS improves driving safety in a significant way. Currently, all manufacturers offer different ADAS features on their vehicles, many features are becoming de-facto standard nowadays.

Since many ADAS sensors are either placed on or near windshields, their proper functioning and, therefore, driver’s safety depends on their correct position relative to the windshield. If the windshield is even slightly damaged, the visibility and the proper operation of the sensors looking through the windshield is compromised. The system can mistakenly interpret a shadow from an overpass as the silhouette of a vehicle cutting in too close and engage the brakes. The safety of the vehicle suffers. Moreover, if the damaged windshield is replaced, the ADAS sensors have to be re-calibrated to assure the ADAS system is functioning correctly, according to the manufacturers’ specifications.

So yet again, windshields are responsible for the safety of your vehicle and its occupants.

What if your windshield is not cracked or chipped, it’s just old. Is this so bad and it needs replacement?

It turns out — yes, it does. Read on…


You’ve probably seen an old windshield: it looks ok, it just feels like someone scratched it with sandpaper. You can still look and see through it although it has  some whitish hue to it. It’s called windshield pitting. Windshield pitting is caused by everyday wear and tear on your auto glass and is the result of repeated damage caused by sand and dust particles. Pitted glass can present serious risks to drivers because at night time the pitted surface of the windshield diffuses, spreads the light of the incoming vehicles all over the windshield, making it look like a “wall of light”. The night time visibility maybe reduced by 50%-70%.

If someone offered you to drive half-blind at night, you’d likely say “NO” to this proposition. However, many drivers does not deem their old windshield to be this “blindfold” and habitually subject themselves and their passengers to such a stunt. Now you’ve been warned not to do that and replace your old windshield when it’s simply old.

By the way, your car insurance might cover windshield replacement, you have to check with them.

Or we can do it for you and take care of all the paperwork and windshield replacement. Schedule your appointment here and now.