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The Importance of Power Door Locks and Repairing them

If you have ever had a car that did not have power door locks, you already know how convenient this type of locking system is. Sometimes, you will see power door locks referred to as central-locking or electric door locks. Before the advent of power door locks, a person would have to manually lock or unlock every door lock on their vehicle. Basically, power door locks will allow a person in the vehicle to either lock or unlock every single door in the vehicle at the same time by using a switch or a button, making it a lot simpler to accomplish than it used to be; when there is a problem with this system, the power door locks in question definitely should be repaired or even replaced if there is a need for it.

Usually, the control panel for a vehicle’s power door locks can be found somewhere on the driver’s side depending on the make and model of the vehicle in question. If you are used to the convenience of power door locks and you suddenly have to do without them because they are damaged, you are definitely going to notice the difference and it can get frustrating very quickly. The most advisable thing to do in that situation is to look for experienced professionals who can get your vehicle’s power door locks into proper working order again, and the faster that you do that the better

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A bit of history about power door locks

You might think that power door locks are a modern invention, especially if you have had cars without this extremely convenient feature in the past, but that is far from correct. In fact, you will probably be surprised to learn that power door locks have been around for more than 100 years! The first power door locks were introduced into the market by a company named Scripps-Booth back in 1917. Scripps-Booth was a car manufacturer based in Detroit that operated from 1913 to 1923.

Unfortunately, in the following years, other car manufacturers would not incorporate power door locks because of the expense and other issues, but they would begin to be included in luxury cars in 1956. Today, you do not have to purchase a luxury vehicle to get power door locks since most makes and models now include this wonderful feature; even better is the fact that a lot of power-lock systems even allow users to unlock their trunks and fuel doors as well, adding to the convenience that they provide. Of course, when even the slightest thing goes wrong with your vehicle’s power door locks, you will want them repaired as soon as possible.

Power door locks are a Safety Feature

There is no doubt that power door locks are a huge convenience, but they are much more than that because they provide you with a higher level of safety. When you are able to lock and unlock your vehicle quickly can make a big difference in a dangerous situation, keeping both you and your vehicle safe from harm. With this in mind, you can clearly see why making sure that your power door locks are always working as they should is highly important. Unfortunately, knowing that you should have a qualified mechanic take a look at your power door locks is not always as clear as we would like it to be.

Signs that your Power Door Locks Need Repair

It might not be as easy to know that your power door locks should be repaired as it is for other parts of your vehicle, but there are a few signs to keep an eye out for. Here are a few of them:

Locks that stick : If you have to push the lock button more than once for your power door locks to respond, you might just forget about it until it starts happening more and more often; but this is definitely a sign that something is wrong.

Strange sounds : You might start to hear strange sounds when you lock or unlock your power door locks. Knowing what is causing those sounds is difficult to say without an expert having a good look at the system.

Some locks are unresponsive at times : If you try to lock or unlock all of your doors at once and only some respond, you might just try it again until it works. You might think that this issue has now gone away but it could be a sign of more trouble to come.

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