ADAS Calibration News

Mike’s Auto Glass Tampa offers ADAS calibration service after windshield replacement.

Mike’s Auto Glass Tampa made the news when we added ADAS calibration service after any windshield repair or replacement service on any of the vehicles.

Many ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensors are placed either on or near windshields. Their proper functioning and, therefore, driver’s safety depends on their correct position relative to the windshield. If the windshield is replaced the ADAS sensors have to be re-calibrated to assure the ADAS system is functioning correctly, according to the manufacturers’ specifications.

Since we do hundreds of windshield repairs and replacements, we are now offering the ADAS re-calibration service to ensure the safety of our customers’ vehicles…

The ADAS system assists drivers in driving as well as parking functions to increase car and road safety. This is done through sensors installed after windshield repair or installation that detect nearby obstacles or driver errors and respond accordingly. Through a computerized human-machine interface, ADAS increases safety.

Mike’s Auto Glass Tampa is now offering this service as a new way for customers to improve there safety while driving.

ADAS Calibration requires special equipment for static and dynamic types of calibration and properly trained technicians to perform it correctly. Many windshield replacement companies simply do not have the equipment and training to do the service, especially smaller shops and mobile one-man-show installers. People in Tampa have been denied the service for so long that our ADAS Calibration offer made the news.

Schedule your appointment to do your ADAS Calibration and/or to replace your windshield right away.

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